How To Make Coffee in a Coffee maker

How To Make Coffee in a Coffee maker

Coffee is a great way to vanish your tiredness after a hectic routine. Also, it might be a great way to enjoy some beautiful moments with your loved one. Generally, a cup of coffee is enough to change your mood because it’s an awesome mood-changer due to its relishing taste and more. Although, it’s also important to make a perfect coffee. What if you don’t know how to make coffee? Don’t panic! This guide is for you. 

An automatic coffee maker is a perfect gadget to enjoy tasty coffee for beginners. You can even make coffee in a coffee maker without any skill. The reason is that the drip coffee maker is easy to use, versatile, and consistent enough to make a cup of coffee within a few seconds. You just need to follow the right steps, and you will get the best coffee in return. 

This ultimate guide is all about preparing coffee in a coffee machine. So, let’s begin!

What Do You Need To Make Coffee in Coffee Maker?

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to make a cup of coffee easily:

  1. Add Some Water

First, fill the reservoir with a particular amount of cold water. You can also use fresh water if cold water is not available. 

  • In our opinion, if you want to use tap water for it, it’s better to pass it through a basic filter. 
  • If you have bottled water, it’s a plus. 
  • Suppose you want to add distilled water; it will not work great because of the lower amount of minerals to get the best coffee taste. If you can add minerals in distilled water, you can use it. 
  1. Prepare The Filter

First, check if the coffee maker needs a filter or not. After that, prepare a cone-shaped filter by folding the crimped edge and placing it in the filter basket. You can also use flat-bottomed or wavy filters, don’t forget to place it properly inside the basket. On the other hand, if your coffee maker comes with a stainless steel filter, you don’t need any preparation. 

  1. Coffee

You can use any type of coffee which you like the most. In our experience, ground coffee also gives a good taste to your coffee. So, if you like ground coffee, it’s better to start with medium grind size. If the coffee maker does not allow you to set the temperature, medium-grind size will help you here. 

Not only that, but you can choose the grind size according to the coffee maker you have. Check the specifications and do things accordingly. 

  1. Turn On The Machine

Now, set the temperature and other necessary settings and turn the machine ON. Wait for a little while for the brew cycle to complete. If the machine has some additional functionalities like strength selection and more, go for manual settings. Otherwise, default settings are a good option if you don’t know much about the coffee. In our experience, the by default brew cycle takes up to 5 minutes to prepare the coffee. When it gets ready, the water from the outlet starts dripping. 

  1. Pour In The Cup & Enjoy

Now, your coffee is ready, and it’s time to pour it into the mug. We recommend you use an electric warming plate or heat plate to make the coffee taste bitter. Pour some tea in the thermos if you want to enjoy it later. We assure you will get the best coffee experience with it. 


In conclusion, it’s all about making coffee with the help of a quality coffee maker. You will see plenty of steps on the internet, but we have shared only the necessary ones. Hence, follow the exact steps and enjoy the coffee whenever you want.

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