Jug Blender vs Hand Blender Which You Should Buy?

hand blender vs jug blender

Jug Blender vs Hand Blender Which You Should Buy?

You need to get moving to make homemade smoothies for the family and most likely to have found with blenders as with such countless machines the choices are overpowering so we should ensure you know precisely which sort of blender suits your requirements. You can blend food in an entire cluster of various forms, and the multi-purpose quality of blenders is unquestionably exceptionally engaging, yet if you need to use it for making smoothies, you want to zero in on the ones cut out explicitly for the job as we detail beneath. Assuming you’re trying to work out if you need to create smoothies or juices, you can observe clearness on what you truly need before you spend your well-deserved amount by perusing our blog Jug blender versus Hand blender – Which Should I Buy?

Jug Blender vs Hand Blender

A Hand Blender also called a stick blender or an immersion blender is a handheld machine that turns sharp edges toward one side and the motor that drives the blades in the top segment, held during use. As the name would recommend, you immerse the edges into anything you desire to mix, whether you want a pitcher of milkshake ingredients or a bowl of newly cooked soup. In a Jug Blender, the edges are housed in the base of a jug which is either plastic or glass and accompanies a safe cover. The sharp jug edges are powered by a motor in the base unit, which sits on your ledge. To mix, you need to empty the ingredients into the jug, join the cover and press a button on the base unit to turn over the motor.

Good hand blenders will have a heat-resistant metal shaft so they can be put straightforwardly into warm food varieties, such as soup pans, even though there are safety considerations regarding mixing extremely hot food. You will not get auto programs with a hand blender, yet they have variable speed settings, and some accompany an independent pitcher for blending in. With a jug blender, you’re restricted by the limit of the container – they do a shift in size, yet even the biggest jug will not be adequately large to blend an extra-large pan of soup in one go, so you’ll need to mix it in batches.


Both Jug Blenders and Hand Blenders are powerful in blitzing fruits and vegetables into smooth beverages or sauces. Notwithstanding, what assignments you intend to use the blender for and how much extra room you have will determine which kind of blender you decide. Don’t forget to check out braunhousehold.com.pk for more.

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